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Santa María de Dota Camino a Copey Área 1729 m². Disponibilidad de agua. Disponibilidad electricidad. Sembrado con café y algunos árboles frutales. Ideal para construir su nuevo hogar o cabaña para descanso. Por su ubicación sería factible para emprendimiento de cabañas de alquiler . Descripción en inglés: Santa María de Dota Road to Copey Area …

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Hermoso terreno en La Cima de Dota

Descubre un rincón perfecto en la cima del paraíso: 2651 metros cuadrados de posibilidades te esperan en la sublime Cima de Dota. Este lote, gentilmente plano y bañado por el sol, despierta con la suave caricia de la brisa fresca de la montaña. Una exquisita mezcla de tranquilidad y naturaleza se despliega ante tus ojos, …

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Hermoso terreno en La Cima de Dota

Tipo de propiedad:
  • Discover a perfect corner at the top of paradise: 2651 square meters of possibilities await you in the sublime Cima de Dota. This gently flat, sun-drenched lot awakens to the gentle caress of a cool mountain breeze. An exquisite mix of tranquility and nature unfolds before your eyes, while the view is lost in the green horizon that surrounds this sanctuary.

    Imagine building your home on a canvas where natural aromas intertwine with the peaceful murmur of a nearby stream, painting a symphony of serenity at every moment. Modern conveniences intertwine with natural magic as water and electricity are ready to embrace your dreams and turn them into a vibrant reality.

    At the edge of the lot, a hug of water slips by, adding even more charm to this jewel. The public street becomes your path to daily adventure, and every step you take is surrounded by the majesty of nature in its purest state.

    Welcome to the refuge of your aspirations, where the coolness of the climate and the calm of the area merge to offer you a life of serenity and constant discovery. This 2,651 square meter lot in Cima de Dota is more than land; it is a portal to a lifestyle in tune with nature and with yourself. Are you ready to embrace this unique experience? Your dream at the top awaits you.